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Bethany + Simon | Summer Wedding


This suite has so many interesting aspects that I’m sure I’ll forget one or two, but it stands as one of those projects that is “art on paper”. Seems fitting that it was for an event in a modern art museum and within the quirky, eclectic atmosphere that downtown Madison is well known for.

First, let’s start with the invitation. It begins as our third “home run” collaboration with the talented, Steph Davies who continues to create a plethora of material for us to work with. We were provided original pen and ink illustrations of State Street curbside, Madison Museum of Art (MMOA), and a stunning roof top view. Illustrations were pulled into the invitation design and Save the Date (not pictured) projects, preserving the quirky nature of Steph’s drawings. Complementing her work includes a modern font and a stylish handwritten script with graffiti-like undertones for a bit of urban flair.


Paying homage to things old, we found a small architectural artifact on the rooftop of MMOA to play the centerpiece of a laser cut pocket which housed the invitation items. The pocket was created from a paper made from silk fibers that offers a very reflective, high-end, and luxurious look. This piece in particular provided us with some production challenges when it comes to the maximum light intensity of the laser on silk (prompting the mill to ask us for finished samples for their production specifications book), but in the end, we mastered it and all was good.


Complementing the bold blue and black inks on white stocks, is a muted papaya colored stock. These items were printed with silkscreen using the bold blue ink for a lively contrast and tie back to other elements.

A big “thank you” goes to Bethany, Simon and Cherry Blossom Events (Madison, WI) for including us in the mix.